15-Year Bond Between Tiger, Lion, and Bear That Will Leave You in Awe

The trio of bear, tiger and lion have spent most of their lives together and now, they eat, sleep and play together, having a beautiful friendship that even humans admire.

The story of the brotherhood of the three animals, bear, tiger and lion, makes many people jealous, many even say that this is a story that can only happen in fairy tales.

An American black bear, an African lion and a Bengal tiger became extremely close friends after being rescued from a drug dealer’s basement in Atlanta, USA and never left. half a step apart for the past 15 years.

This trio of best friends has lived at Noah’s Ark Wildlife Sanctuary in Georgia since 2001. When discovered, all three animals were cowering in a small cage in the basement, all malnourished and severely underweight due to not getting enough food.

The tiger Shere Khan at that time had only skin and bones and was infected with parasites both inside and outside. Leo, the tiger, had an open wound and severe infection on his nose. Baloo the bear was most seriously injured because he was kept in a cage that was too small. The reins were tight and dug deep into his skin, causing pain as he gradually grew.

However, after being freed and receiving adequate care and food from experts, the trio quickly became healthy and cheerful, happy and returned. What is worth mentioning is that after that, all three animals have become “hard friends” of each other over the past 15 years, they are so close that no one can separate them. This rarely happens because each animal’s instinct is to always fight for and protect its food.

Together, this trio often teases and plays freely. When Baloo the bear gently bites Leo the lion and pulls hard, Leo will react with a few gentle growls. The tiger is very mischievous and often likes to sneak up behind the other two animals.

A representative of Noah’s Ark Wildlife Sanctuary said: “Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan eat, sleep and play together. They even have actions to show their affection for each other such as rubbing their heads or cuddling together. After a while, they now consider each other as family members.”


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