15 Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

Lucky and blessed you are if you have an outside garden in your house to enjoy. Fresh and colorful flowers, green grass, fruity vines all cheer you up whenever you take a stroll in your garden.

To maintain a garden and its natural beauty is really tiring hard work. So to assist, you must be having a wheelbarrow in your garden to carry the soil and leave the foliage. If you think your wheelbarrow is now no more functional, you can turn it into an innovative and unique planter with our 15 wooden wheelbarrow planter ideas.

Here, you will find a creative way to adorn your garden beauty with new perspectives using the old and retired wheelbarrows more purposefully. Just peek into the ideas attentively and make your own wheelbarrow planter with a little effort and style added to it. If you really liked and loved the idea, you can build new wheelbarrows for this austere type of planter possession.

Wooden wheelbarrows would do best for the function; they can be treated with wooden wheels or industrial steel or iron wheels for the complete look. Then fill fertile soil in them and plant your favorite bunch of flowers or herbs for an eye grasping planter for your garden area.