15 Plant Room Ideas for a Lush, Leafy Oasis

If your houseplant collection is growing ever bigger, and you’re running out of ideas of where to put them, then you’re well on your way to creating a plant room. No, you don’t need to make space for 350 plants to make a green apartment oasis like some of the most enthusiastic collectors. But a room, lit cabinet, or space on a wall filled with tropical plants can make you feel like you’re walking into a lush haven. It also means everything is together for watering and managing humidity levels.

To create a plant lover’s paradise, consider grouping species based on their needs, the conditions you can offer, and complementing shapes, textures, and colors.

A plant room might need more maintenance than having one or two hard-to-kill spider plants sitting on your kitchen windowsill, but once you get into a routine and in sync with your plants, it can be a rewarding and meditative experience.

Looking for inspiration to get a leafy retreat going? Check out these 15 verdant plant room ideas.

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    An Arcadia of Aroids

    Busy tropical plant room with white walls and white shelving

    @ye.plants / Instagram

    Grouping plants that like the same care and conditions makes sense with a large collection—you’ll have less work and can position them together to get the right light and warmth.

    Plant blogger Christina has over 130 plants in her apartment, and her collection includes tropical aroids, like her beautiful Monstera Thai Constellation and Anthurium regale. Aroids like these, along with philodendrons and anthuriums, all have similar care requirements. And thankfully, many of them are surprisingly low-maintenance, despite their exotic tropical appearance.

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    Vintage Hanging Plant Room

    Very full plant room with a tricyle hanging from the ceiling

    @plantsnantiques / Instagram

    Vertical gardening is on-trend right now. So, when you’ve limited floor space or want to keep your plants away from curious kitties, why not hang them all from the ceiling? That’s exactly what Laura did. She successfully combines her love of plants and antiques by hanging the plants alongside quirky vintage pieces, like an old penny farthing.

    There are plenty of trailing, vining houseplants to choose from, depending on the light and heat you can offer.

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    Cat-Friendly Cabinets

    Cats on wooden cat post amongst a tropical jungle room

    @gutepflanze / Instagram

    Greenhouse cabinets are a perfect addition to your plant room and don’t have to cost the earth. They’re great safe savers in small spaces, you can add lamps for those light-loving plant species, and it’s easier to control their temperature and humidity.

    Plus, if you’ve got cats that like a nibble on your specimens, it keeps the plants free from damage. This is especially important if the plants are toxic to cats.

    IKEA cabinets-turned-greenhouses are the ultimate hack that endless plant parents use, including Shary, who has over 100 plants living alongside her cats.

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    Places for Pothos and Philodendron

    Box drawers with plants hanging out of them

    @plantsnantiques / Instagram

    If you’ve got a brown thumb and don’t know where to start, why not try some plants from the pothos family?

    Laura cleverly upcycled a vintage drawer cabinet to display her collection of pothos and trailing philodendrons, and she still has some drawers for storage. Lift out these easy-to-care for plants to allow you to give them a thorough watering when they need it.

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    Undemanding DIY Vertical Wall

    Plant room with a hanging meash on the wall

    @gutepflanze / Instagram

    Vertical walls don’t have to be complicated. As this design from plant fan Shary illustrates, using a simple hanging grid means you can use baskets to position light-loving plants close to windows.

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    Fill Your Bathroom with Humidity-Loving Plants

    a bathroom view of sink, cabinet and mirror with lots of plants

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Steamy bathrooms are perfect places to gather a collection of humidity-loving plants. This little microclimate might negate the need for humidifiers or frequent plant misting (which some plant experts aren’t sold on anyway).

    When choosing the best houseplants for your bathroom, avoid succulents and try moisture-loving ferns, bromeliads, or begonias instead.

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    Pay Attention to the Planters

    Bookcase full of plants

    @jc.design1.1 / Instagram

    To add decorative flair and coordinating accents, consider the planters you display your collection in. Don’t feel you have to go for elaborate designs. Muted tones like terracotta and creams and natural materials such as rattan, like those interior designer Jennifer uses, ensure the attention stays on your prized plants.

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    Leafy Living Room

    White livingroom with plant shelves and cubbies

    @leafandlolo / Instagram

    Leaf and Lolo makes clever use of cabinets, shelving, and fireplace surrounds to display her exotic plant collection. Always consider height, shape, and texture when combining plants to create visual interest and cohesion.

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    Bright Bathroom Beauties

    Bright bathroom

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    When we think of introducing a plant collection to our bathroom, we often head for low-light-loving plants. But, this bathroom has a decent amount of natural light streaming through, allowing more flexibility.

    Before bashing ahead with your selection, always make sure the plants you opt for suit the light in the room—otherwise, you might have to swap them to another room or get rid of them, depleting your hard-won collection.

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    Foliage-Filled Dining

    Leafy, bright dining area with brick wall, full length window and a dog on the tiled floor

    @thetravellingapartment / Instagram

    If you’re one of those people who rarely use their dining table and enjoy a TV dinner more often, then using the available space to top up your plant collection makes sense.

    It also means you can raise any plants that might be risky to pets, like Gemma Askham‘s dog, Diego.

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    Make a Feature Wall of Your Plants

    Feature plant wall with black and white leafy wallpaper and dog on floor

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    You don’t have to dedicate a whole room to your collection. Maybe you want to make a feature wall or cozy retreat in one area, just like Martina has here. She cleverly adds plants of different heights, colors, and textures to fill the space effectively.

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    Foliage on the Fireplace

    White dining room full of plants, including on top of the fireplace

    @thetravellingapartment / Instagram

    Move out the cute family portraits and line up the little plants along your matelpiece. It’s the perfect way to maximize a plant room that’s short on floor space.

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    Wheel in the Cart

    Plant cart filled with a variety of flowers

    @wilsonaesthetic_ / Instagram

    Putting your smaller plants on a moveable cart, like this one from Wilson Aesthetic, gives you the flexibility to move them around if they need more or less light. It’s also perfect if you love vintage finds or upcycling, as DIY bar carts make the ideal solution.

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    A Perfect Plant Wall

    Plant table in a bright dining room

    Casa Watkins Living / Instagram

    Plant walls are all the rage at the moment. They’re great in small spaces or if you just want to cram as many plants into one room as possible. This stylish wooden slat plant wall from Casa Watkins Living covers both sides of the entry into the kitchen, adding interest and a unique frame.

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    Try a Trailing Collection for the Boho Vibe

    Trailing plants creating a divider of a boho room

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    It’s possible to pull your plants into the overall aesthetic your aiming for in the space. If you’re going for boho stylings, you can’t go wrong with adding some trailing vines, macrame plant hangers, and pots made from natural materials. Use vines to frame a cozy reading nook works to great effect.