15 Pɾettiest DIY Pot Covers For Yoᴜr Plants



Tired of the ordinary look of plant pots? Placing plants in the house is great for refreshing the room while beautifying the interior style. To make your collection of plants look more attractive, try making some easy DIY projects by adding a pot cover as a beautiful accent that covers the outer surface of the plant pot.

The idea is quite simple but it really makes a difference to the whole look of your plant pot. From utilizing old things to recycling worthless objects into an attractive plant pot cover for the room. Here we have collected 15 of the prettiest plant pot cover ideas that you should try yourself at home!

1. Hanging plants is a practical way to get around space constraints. Use burlap weave which gives it a natural look.


2. Placemats made of woven material can be turned into beautiful pot covers. You simply wrap the surface of the pot with a placemat.


3. Rattan is famous for having a strong texture and pattern. Apart from being a cover pot, rattan can also be used as a plant stand.


4. Recycle wooden crates into hanging pot covers? This idea is super easy, and you just need a rope to hang it.


5. Stringing a wooden chain as a pot cover gives an aesthetic impression to display on the table.


6. Need a large plant pot cover? Use a wicker basket that can accommodate the entire pot of plants in the house. Decorate with paint then give a little bright accent with tassel decoration.


7. Easy and practical use of paper planter bags that can be made in just a few minutes.


8. If you’re good at knitting, try making a special pot cover with crochet ideas. Add accents such as beads to beautify it.


9. Forming fabric and coating it on the surface of plant pots can be done by anyone. Fabric pot cover ideas really don’t require any skill.


10. Want plant pots to look more beautiful or even feminine? Cover the surface of the pot with a daisy-themed fabric.


11. Still featuring DIY knitted plant pot cover. This time we are going to make it look colorful which brightens up the room.


12. Burlap has a unique texture and color as a plant pot cover. You can beautify small plants such as cacti and succulents using this pot cover idea.


13. For a bohemian interior, this tassel pot cover idea can be the best solution.


14. Bamboo pot covers add a natural and aesthetic feel to any room style.


15. Meanwhile, the bamboo basket brings a unique traditional impression into the room.