15 Most Favorite DIY Recycled Crafts For Home Decor

Sometimes something useless can become a wonderful thing with a little effort, even you can make lots of DIY craft ideas from scrap materials. To save money and try a sustainable lifestyle, you just need a little knowledge and creativity. I love looking for the amazing variety of recycling projects that can be found around the house.

Whether we realize it or not, we often use and waste so much that it could actually be turned into something useful. From old chairs or drink cans, to children’s toys and old bicycles, there are so many creative ways to recycle items we want to throw away into something extraordinary for home décor.

Anyone will love this DIY project, a time where you can create something useful for decorating and furniture purposes. If you happen to have a lot of old or unused items, why not recycle them into a home craft? Besides being cost-effective, you can invite the whole family to have fun. Get inspired!

1. Love industrial style? Take a wrench and turn it into a stylish helmet hanger.



2. The surfboard turns into a place to store shoes. You will have more area to store more collections of shoes by hanging them on the wall.


3. Who would have thought that an old bicycle could be a chic display rack? Add a board as a table and paint your bike to make it look more attractive.


4. This table lamp is made from a toy fire truck. Utilize the staircase area as a place to put the bulb.


5. This is an easy DIY project to turn a drawer into a multipurpose table.


6. This dinosaur toy caught my eye by using its back as a holder for houseplants.


7. At first glance there is nothing strange about this beautiful wall memo. However, when you look at the whole thing it’s actually made of wine corks strung together in a circle and then hung by a rope.


8. The bar stool’s unique design is perfect for a bedside table. Add storage shelves underneath to place your essentials.


9. It just takes paint and a little creativity. Used drink cans can turn out to be a very practical place to store stationery.


10. Do not throw away a collection of LPs that may be valuable to you. Turn them into versatile wall mounts like storing your favorite magazines or books.


11. This chandelier is very creative because it consists of a recycled grater. Combine with wooden blocks and then decorate the chandelier as you wish.


12. Looks unique and farmhouse style. This bathroom wall storage idea is made of an old chair that uses its back as a place to hang towels.


13. Change your old guitar to display various mini-sized ornamental plants. In this case a cactus or succulent is the best choice.


14. Pet lovers especially cats will love the design of this cat house. Made of old vintage style TV which is comfortable for your furry friend.


15. You just need to add legs attached to an old suitcase for a beautiful nightstand.