15 Grand Ideas For Gardening With Antiques

The worlds of home gardeners and antique aficionados often overlap, with a good number of folks counting both as their favorite past time. While the two hobbies are often enjoyed by the same people, it’s not as often that they directly intersect. We would love to change that!

We’ve gathered a sampling of images from around the web that exhibit innovative, fresh, and fun gardening ideas involving antiques in some fashion. The relationship between gardening and antiques can be expressed in an abundance of ways, and the ideas shared here prove it.

Whether simply adding antique objects to an existing garden, or integrating the garden itself into an antique, there are no wrong ways to go about combining these complementary passions. We especially love the first idea, pictured above, from Simple Nature Decor. This project involved repurposing an old bicycle into a bespoke container garden itself, utilizing only a couple rustic wood baskets and some elbow grease.

We hope you find some of these ideas intriguing and inspiring, as we have. The mother of invention may be necessity, but its close cousin is inspiration! If you’re looking to add a vintage touch to your garden, or recycle some antiques you’ve got lying around, the projects pictured below are sure to get the creative juices flowing.
Remember, each image is accompanied by a source link; many of the corresponding websites have even more ideas to share!