10 Unique Indoor Vines and Climbing Plants

Want to add some different vine varieties to your indoor plant collection, the list today is for you. When it comes to trailing houseplants, many people think of the most usual ones like pothos and philodendrons firstly. However, there are some species that are not really popular. They will become great complementation to decor any of your interiors as well as bring nature into your home environment.

Like other indoor plants, they are easy to grow and look after. In order to help your vine indoor plants grow well, simply give them a basic growth condition of the soil, water, sun, and other essential nutrients. If you want to them become a part of your living space, you can buy them easily on the internet or plant shop. Read to find some that you love now!

Source: Adamrobinsondesign

Crassula Rupestris is a slow-growing succulent that produces spreading branches with grey-green to brown-red leaves.

Source: Myhomenature

Kangaroo Pocket is an epiphytic climber that displays small, fleshy, oval-shaped light green leaves, and its modified foliage like purse pouch stuffed with roots.

Source: Balconygardenweb

Zebra Basket Vine is a pretty vine that puts off striking glossy green oval-shaped leaves with beautiful purple-hued variegation on the undersides that resembles stripes on the zebra skin.

Source: Mygardenlife

Maidenhair Vine displays thin, wiry leaves that grow densely on a compact, bushy, tangled plant.

Source: Davesgarden

Shooting Star Hoya has beautiful star-shaped flowering blooms. It is easy to grow and prefers a sunny window with well drainage soil.

Source: Carousell

Rex Begonia Vine produces large metallic colorful leaves displaying red, green, and white shades together.

Source: Agriculture

Stephania Erecta has swollen stem that looks like a round ball up. In spring, a charming vine with widely ovate green foliage patterned in white veins and yellow blooms spurts from it.

Source: Houseplanthouse

Fishbone Cactus puts off deeply toothed green stems giving a zig-zag appearance, its blooms have strong fragrant flowers.

Source: Olleriksson

Corallina de Lucerna has olive-green leaves that resemble bats or angel’s wings with silver spots.

Source: Reddit

Teddy Bear Vine has long creeping stems with tear-shaped silver-green fuzzy soft leaves that plunge over the rims of the container.