10 Surprising Ideas For Decorating Your Outdoor Space

As we’ve all come to realize at some point, decorating the inside of our homes can do only so much. We want to add that personalized touch to our outdoor spaces, to truly make it our own. To that end, we’ve decided to cover a handful of examples of fantastic outdoor decorating ideas!

With no specific criteria, aside a general aim for decorations that can be done at home in your outdoor settings, we set out in search of fun ideas. Whether on the patio, the garden, or just on the exterior of the home, these projects all add up to a significant makeover for any landscape.

We started looking at ideas on the more subtle end of things, sprucing up a patio space with lighting or hung decorations, before moving on to the more involved types of projects. This brief but in-depth gallery showcases both ends of this spectrum.

Sometimes the most innovative and refreshing ideas come from the most surprising places, so be sure to keep an eye out for particular aspects of these projects that truly light your fire. We particularly love the raised brick patio and container garden ideas, for example.